KFile-Cert plugin

KFile-Cert is a kfile-plugin for KDE. It offers detailed information on X509 certificate files, which often have extensions .cer, .crt or .pem. The information is displayed in the file properties dialog box, Konqueror pop-up file tips, and in Konqueror info list view. The information includes certificate subject, issuer, validity term and status.

KFile-Cert is copyright © 2004 by Leonid Zeitlin (lz@europe.com) and is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2.


Certificate information in the file properties dialog box:

Certificate information in a file tip:

Certificate information in the Info List View:


KFile-Cert can be downloaded from its SourceForge Project Page. Source tarballs, source RPM and binary RPMs for Red Hat Linux 7.3 (with suffix rh73 in the name) and Fedora Core 1 (suffix fc1 in the name) are provided.


If you have any question of suggestion about KFile-Cert, please contact the author, Leonid Zeitlin at the address lz@europe.com.

Thanks to SourceForge for the generous hosting.

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